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Reinforce Your Problem Teeth

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You Deserve a Complete Smile

Do you have functional problems with your teeth? Have you lost a tooth or had one extracted? If so, eating and speaking may be uncomfortable for you. Damaged or decayed teeth can often cause pain and oral sensitivity. Chips or cracks, meanwhile, can cause self-consciousness in anyone. If a tooth is damaged, our Prosthodontist may be able to save it with a crown in Cypress, TX, or replace it with a dental bridge. At The Perfect Smile, Dr. Aymerich is skilled at these restorative treatments, and he has the artistic eye to create ideal outcomes and restore function to your teeth. Your new restorations will be made from ceramic or porcelain, blending seamlessly with your other teeth and allowing you to restore your smile to its maximum strength.

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Dental Crowns: Repairing Damage

A dental crown or “tooth cap” restores beauty and strength to a damaged tooth. We generally recommend crowns when a tooth is too damaged for treatment with bonding or fillings. We can also use a crown to preserve a tooth after root canal therapy or restore a broken dental implant. To make a dental crown, Dr. Aymerich will take detailed scans and impressions of the problem tooth, and our lab will design your custom restoration. Your new crown will fit securely over the tooth and its shape and color will blend seamlessly. The advantages of a tooth crown include:

  • Restoring strength to a damaged tooth
  • Improved tooth size, color, and shape
  • Preserve a tooth after decay or a root canal
  • Restore a dental implant
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Dental Bridges: Replacing a Missing Tooth

If you’ve lost a tooth but you aren’t ready to commit to dental implant surgery, a dental bridge is your next best option. Bridges span the gap left over by a missing tooth, and they connect to two or more crowns (one on each end). To ensure that they fit comfortably, our Prosthodontist will take detailed scans and impressions of the area and send them to our partner lab. The lab will manufacture your bridge out of high-end materials that precisely match your other teeth. Benefits of bridges include:

  • Restored function after tooth loss
  • Improved oral health
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting
  • Eliminate gaps in your smile
  • Long-term strength
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Our Vast Experience & Qualifications Sets Us Apart From The Rest

How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost?

One of the first questions people ask is how much their treatment will cost. At The Perfect Smile, we offer affordable pricing for dental crowns and bridges in Cypress, TX, and we offer multiple financing options from third-party companies and our own in-house financing option to help break down the costs even further. The total cost of your crown or bridge depends on a few factors, including the material you choose and the number of teeth treated. At your personalized consultation, we’ll break these costs down transparently, so you don’t have to compromise your health for the sake of your budget. Let Dr. Aymerich and our periodontal team help you restore your oral health, aesthetics, and functionality!